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Aigua Sea School is one of the leading training centres in the Mediterranean. Established in 2006, the school headquarters is situated in the heart of Palma, the capital of Mallorca in the Spanish Balearic Islands. You'll find the main school office in Santa Catalina, the vibrant hub of the yachting industry in Palma. We also hold RYA recognition to run training courses in Port Adriano, the superyacht marina on the south-west coast of Mallorca. 

Our mission statement is to train you to be the best that you can be. We thrive as you succeed. Our outstanding reputation as a leading RYA Training Centre has been built on recommendation. The positive feedback from every one of our courses, and our high Yachtmaster success rate, is proof of our commitment to our students.

If you are looking to start yachting, then let us guide you with the Competent Crew sailing course or encourage you with a Day Skipper sail training course. If you favour motor yachts, then join in with our Day Skipper motor cruising courses and helmsman’s programme. As specialists in training for Yachtmaster Coastal, Yachtmaster Offshore and Yachtmaster Ocean, we strive for you to achieve at this highest level of yachting expertise, and form a basis for your future, professional careers. With Yachtmaster exam pass rates at over 93% in both disciplines, Yachtmaster Sail and Yachtmaster Motor, our exam results are way above the international average .. fact!

Aigua Sea School is your sea school.

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  • It's Yachtmaster season ..and what a great start!
    It's Yachtmaster season ..and what a great start!

    It's Yachtmaster season again and we've enjoyed a great start with a 100% pass rate over the first weekend of exams. We thank the trainers who did an amazing job in preparing the candidates to achieve success. We had a lot of fun with the crews too ...a bunch of characters who were great to teach and dedicated to the task in hand.

    We put a lot of effort into preparing the school for this new season of Yachtmaster .. a lot of little things that often go unnoticed; stuff like we had all the air conditioning units serviced and cleaned ready to provide fresh, cool air in the training room; the whole office and classroom enjoyed a spruce up paint-job over the summer months; we invested in new sets of dividers for the 'nav packs' and the new Aigua note pads arrived just in time. New signage arrived for outside, and on the boats, and there's a comfy bench for the students to relax on during their breaks. It's the little details that add up to a better experience. We care about you, not just in your ultimate goals of exam success but the training you receive under our care.

    We are thrilled that, due to demand, we are adding additional courses to the schedule. More and more people are choosing Aigua, for lots of reasons. Remember that we close a course at four full Offshore students, we're just not a 'pack 'em in' kind of school, never have been, never will be. In addition, we do not mix course levels .. Yachtmaster train with Yachtmaster. Our examiners are well chosen and we invite a number of examiners to the school as it's important for us to continually check the standards of preparation. As our Yachtmaster exam pass rate is over 93%, using over 14 different examiners so far this year then, arguably, we are preparing the candidates well? Oh yes, and we are completely transparent with our training fees. There won't be any of those additional, unexpected costs like examiner travel expenses. It's all included in the Aigua Sea School training fees so you can be sure of what you are paying from the start. 

    One thing I need to remind all new Yachtmaster candidates ...knuckle down, do your prep and work hard. Yachtmaster is not a zero to hero course. You don't achieve the Certificate of Competence as Master of Yachts just for showing up each day. You receive so much support from Aigua Sea School, from pre-course information to free-of-charge theory workshops; take advantage of everything we provide for you. We've been looking after Yachtmasters for 12 years ...we know what you need!

    Aigua Sea School ... it's all about YOU. 

  • Message from Linda, the principal
    Message from Linda, the principal

    As we start a new website build, I have a rummage around our existing site and sadly see that it hasn't been serving you well. There is so much going on at Aigua Sea School and if you are a website browser, then you've been not been provided with our updates.

    As I write we are preparing for our busy Yachtmaster season. The Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore shorebased navigation training starts on Monday and we look forward to welcoming a full course of Yachtmaster exam candidates for both sailing yachts and motor cruising. In advance of next week's course we are running a Yachtmaster theory workshop tonight, Wednesday 6th September, from 17:30hrs ... I introduced the idea of free-of-charge theory workshops way back in 2008 when I realised that many exam candidates just didn't have the theory knowledge to the standard they required before starting the Yachtmaster exam prep. By offering my time, and school resources, free of charge there was no excuse not to attend and many people realised they had to get 'into the books' if they were to be ready for what lie ahead. 

    We have continued with the workshops, every year, since then. Many schools have tried to copy yet never really followed through, perhaps they just aren't as committed to your success as we are? 

    Whether you are joining in with Aigua Sea School for Yachtmaster, or for leisure courses, or for powerboat driving or for instructor training, you are guaranteed our commitment to your training and success.   

    Aigua Sea School ... it's all about YOU. 


Upcoming Courses

  • Personal Watercraft (jet ski) Proficiency

    Thu 18th January
  • FREE - Theory Workshop FOCUS ON THE BASICS

    Thu 18th January
  • Powerboat Level 2

    Sat 20th - Sun 21st January
  • Day Skipper Sail Combo

    Sat 20th - Sun 28th January
  • Day Skipper Sail Theory Only - 2 Weekends

    Sun 21st - Sun 28th January
  • Yachtmaster Motor 2 Week Package

    Mon 22nd January - Sun 4th February
  • Yachtmaster Sail 2 Week Package

    Mon 22nd January - Sun 4th February
  • Day Skipper or Comp Crew

    Mon 22nd - Fri 26th January
  • RYA Yachtmaster Coastal & Offshore Theory

    Mon 22nd - Fri 26th January
  • Personal Watercraft (jet ski) Proficiency

    Tue 23rd January

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