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Commercial Endorsements

RYA qualifications that can be used professionally

RYA qualifications can be used professionally in the nautical industry. You could be doing anything from delivering a new 35’ yacht or driving a workboat with lifting and towing gear, to running a Superyacht in the Mediterranean. Whatever your job is on board, in the commercial world you are a professional seafarer, and therefore you are no different from the captain of a cruise liner: you have a duty of care to crew, passengers, and other water users, and you will be held to account if things go wrong.

In April 2012, the RYA introduced a course called ‘Professional Practices and Responsibilities’ (PPR) that is now a mandatory requirement on any application for a commercial endorsement. The course is taken online through There are four modules:

  • Commercial environment – showing how you fit into the professional maritime world.
  • People – explaining the importance of correct manning, keeping your skills up to date and the safe management of commercial vessels.
  • Vessel – teaching about the compulsory carriage and maintenance of safety equipment and how to create and implement risk control and operating procedures.
  • Purpose – making sure your vessel is suitable and legal for the work you are carrying out, your obligations in protecting the environment, appropriate planning and situational awareness.

Complete an application form provided by Aigua Sea School, pay the course fee of €58, and we will enrol you on the course, provide all your registration details and access codes, then assist you with the course if you require our help. The Aigua team will run monthly assessment assistant courses that are particularly helpful to our international students. 

When you have successfully passed your PPR course you can apply for a commercial endorsement on your RYA certificate. The endorsement will be printed on your RYA certificate of competence to show that you have undergone additional training and a medical fitness test, enabling you to work on commercial vessels. There is a separate fee payable to the RYA for the processing and issue the endorsement.

The certificates Powerboat Level 2, Advanced Powerboat, Day Skipper and Yachtmaster Coastal Certificates of Competence can be commercially endorsed with the following text: Valid for vessels of up to 24 metres in length used for commercial purposes subject to the codes of practice issued by the MCA until (date of expiry).

To apply you must provide your PPR completion certificate; Sea Survival course completion certificate; First Aid course completion certificate; MCA approved medical report (in date) for example the ENG1 or ML5 and a VHF/DSC Short Range Certificate for marine radio.

This endorsement allows you work onboard British flagged vessels subject to the MCA’s codes of practice for small commercial vessels.

The STCW endorsement is for holders of the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore and Ocean Certificates of Competence working under non-UK maritime authorities. In addition to an MCA approved medical report you will need to provide the following course completion certificates:

  • Personal Survival techniques (STCW A-V1/1-1)
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (STCW A-V1/1-4)
  • Elementary first aid (STCW A-V1/1-3)
  • Fire fighting and fire prevention (STCW A-V1/1-2)

The following wording would appear on your certificate: The certificate holder complies with STCW 95 regulations V1/1 Sections V1/1-4. This certificate is valid for use as a Master of yachts of up to 200gt on commercially and privately registered yachts until (a date of expiry five years from the date of issue).

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