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An Aigua Sea School Special


We invite you to attend these free workshops where we run through what we fondly refer to as ‘the basics’: everything from buoyage and lights, vessel day shapes and fog sound signals, flags and etiquette. We introduce (or refresh depending on what stage you’re at) course to steer and estimate position tidal calculations, tidal heights and secondary port calculations and general seamanship and awareness. 

The workshops are extremely popular so book early; the feedback we receive from students is excellent; it is said they really make a difference to the understanding of the subject and makes the Yachtmaster theory work a pleasure rather than a struggle. Join in, you’d be mad not too!

Who’s it for: Past, present and future Aigua students looking to do or refresh the Yachtmaster shorebased course

When: Usually run once a month in the week prior to the start of the five day Yachtmaster theory course (contact us for specific dates)

Where: Look out for a variety of locations as Aigua goes on a road show! Yachtie hang-outs around Palma. See our Facebook page for location details. 

Aigua is supporting an animal rescue charity this season and donations are welcome from attendees of the workshops.

* Dates and times may change at any time and at our discretion

We can arrange the dates to suit your schedule
Please contact the Aigua team with your dates and itinerary

For more info please Click here, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at any time on:
Spain +34 871 23 03 73 or UK +44 (0) 113 815 1385

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