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Survival at Sea .. increasing your chances

Monday, 05 September 2016 12:58

It is a privilege to be able to run this essential RYA Sea Survival course. Training you for your best chances of survival in the worst case scenario. It's a great course to teach: theory first then transfer to the pool area for the 2-hour wet drill. You'll be fully geared up in life jackets (oh yes, and swimming caps dont worry we'll provide these for you) and learn the skills and drills of abandonment leading to rescue. Join in for this one-day course. 

We love the summer, don't you? That free n easy, shorts and flipflops feeling. We use July and August to relax (a bit) but mainly to plan, prep, propose and develop. One of our new initiatives for the coming season is to take our famous, free-of-charge, nav theory workshops out of our training room and on to the road. Aigua is going 'roadshow' and we're pretty excited about it. The workshops are relaxed, informal, informative, entertaining, beneficial and free-of-charge (although you are encouraged to make a donation to the 'charity of the night' as we will be supporting a variety of island-based charities through our efforts). The workshops are open to everyone who is interested in navigation theory, whether an absolute beginner, or intending to train for Yachtmaster; leisure or professional. We run through the basics, from chart familiarisation to buoyage and pilotage. Like our Facebook page to receive and location details. The first workshop will run on Wednesday 31st August at LAB bar on Sant Magin in Santa Catalina. Join in from 6pm

if you know Aigua Sea School you know it's all about YOU. We have been asked many times as to why we don't run Yachtmaster training in July and August, Here's why ... I have been training Yachtmasters for 12 years; it is with this experience I can tell you that, in my opinion, the summer months of July and August are not conducive to training for exams. It is hot: the heat is tiring;  the sea is busy with tourists: difficult to provide space for sailing on/off anchors and mooring buoys when there's jet skis whizzing by and anchorages are packed with charter boats. We want you to be trained by the best instructors .. the best instructors are taking a break to refresh themselves after the busy spring/early summer Yachtmaster season, and preparing themselves for the autumn/winter courses. So, yes, we pause in our training for Yachtmasters. The courses are available to you now, on our website. Also please note that we are the only training centre in Palma that provides dedicated Yachtmaster training; we do not mix Yachtmaster candidates with Day Skipper students.  It is not a business decision, as a small sea school would surely benefit from the additional course incomes, it is a student welfare decision. You are our priority. Trust in us and we look forward to training you from early September.  

I write this on a Sunday morning at the end of our spring season for Yachtmaster exams. This weekend we celebrate the success of our Yachtmaster students, following training courses running on three boats, with three superb and professional instructors, in preparation of being assessed by three thorough, yet fair, examiners and now, here we are, the results are in and we are not only ahead of last year's figures, in terms of exams completed, but also in our percentage pass rate. Our Yachtmaster training will now rest over 'the silly season' to be ready to start again, refreshed and revitalised, in early September for our autumn/winter schedule. Join in with Aigua; the only school in Palma that runs dedicated training for Yachtmaster candidates. 

Due to a yacht having to leave Palma earlier than planned, one of the students booked on to this Sunday's Powerboat level 2 course has had to pull out, therefore we have one place left.The course will run on Sunday 12th and Monday 13th June in Palma. If you'd like to take the place please contact us for a last minute deal. 

To become an RYA Personal Watercraft Instructor is a worthy, and let's face it impressive, title to hold! The courses are run over three days, four if you require the Proficiency Certificate, with highly qualified trainers from the RYA in the UK. Aigua Sea School is running a three-day 'Jet Ski' instructor course next week, starting on Wednesday 8th June. We have a couple of places left if you'd like to improve your CV and add another notch to your awesome belt of experience. 

One last Personal Watercraft Instructor training course before the summer and we have two places left. Starting on Wednesday 6th June. Training in Port Adriano with great PWs, great trainers and all the support from the Aigua Training Team. A worthwhile qualification on your CV as this certificate is very much in demand by the superyachts. 

VHF marine radio exams running this week

Wednesday, 25 May 2016 11:42

We have two places available on our VHF marine radio exams scheduled for this Thursday, 26th May. Starting at 17:30hrs we will commence with the written exam paper, then familiarisation with the radio sets (there will be two different training radio sets ready for you) before we start the practical assessments, to include routine calls, safety and urgency and then, of course, the Mayday call. Please ensure your pre-exam knowledge check has been completed online. We look forward to twiddling knobs and pushing buttons with you. 

The sun shines and people want to get out there on the water. As an RYA Training Centre it's up to us to train you for responsible and safe use of Personal Watercraft and demand is such that we are running courses over this weekend. There are some places left on both Sunday and Monday, so pick your day, grab your suncscreen and let's go!

The RYA created a superb 'Start Yachting' course as a taster for those who fancy the idea of sailing but are wary about it. It's such an adventure stepping on to a yacht and knowing that the pieces of canvas attached to a big stick can provide the propulsion to sail you around the world and back. Ok, Ok, I simplify things but you get the idea. It's wonderful, it's amazing, it's thrilling, it's peaceful, it's awe inspiring ... well, why you don't you tell me what you think? Join our two-day Start Yachting course and find out! 30th & 31st May. 

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