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Message from Linda, the principal

Wednesday, 06 September 2017 14:56

As we start a new website build, I have a rummage around our existing site and sadly see that it hasn't been serving you well. There is so much going on at Aigua Sea School and if you are a website browser, then you've been not been provided with our updates.

As I write we are preparing for our busy Yachtmaster season. The Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore shorebased navigation training starts on Monday and we look forward to welcoming a full course of Yachtmaster exam candidates for both sailing yachts and motor cruising. In advance of next week's course we are running a Yachtmaster theory workshop tonight, Wednesday 6th September, from 17:30hrs ... I introduced the idea of free-of-charge theory workshops way back in 2008 when I realised that many exam candidates just didn't have the theory knowledge to the standard they required before starting the Yachtmaster exam prep. By offering my time, and school resources, free of charge there was no excuse not to attend and many people realised they had to get 'into the books' if they were to be ready for what lie ahead. 

We have continued with the workshops, every year, since then. Many schools have tried to copy yet never really followed through, perhaps they just aren't as committed to your success as we are? 

Whether you are joining in with Aigua Sea School for Yachtmaster, or for leisure courses, or for powerboat driving or for instructor training, you are guaranteed our commitment to your training and success.   

Aigua Sea School ... it's all about YOU.