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It's Yachtmaster season ..and what a great start!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017 11:07

It's Yachtmaster season again and we've enjoyed a great start with a 100% pass rate over the first weekend of exams. We thank the trainers who did an amazing job in preparing the candidates to achieve success. We had a lot of fun with the crews too ...a bunch of characters who were great to teach and dedicated to the task in hand.

We put a lot of effort into preparing the school for this new season of Yachtmaster .. a lot of little things that often go unnoticed; stuff like we had all the air conditioning units serviced and cleaned ready to provide fresh, cool air in the training room; the whole office and classroom enjoyed a spruce up paint-job over the summer months; we invested in new sets of dividers for the 'nav packs' and the new Aigua note pads arrived just in time. New signage arrived for outside, and on the boats, and there's a comfy bench for the students to relax on during their breaks. It's the little details that add up to a better experience. We care about you, not just in your ultimate goals of exam success but the training you receive under our care.

We are thrilled that, due to demand, we are adding additional courses to the schedule. More and more people are choosing Aigua, for lots of reasons. Remember that we close a course at four full Offshore students, we're just not a 'pack 'em in' kind of school, never have been, never will be. In addition, we do not mix course levels .. Yachtmaster train with Yachtmaster. Our examiners are well chosen and we invite a number of examiners to the school as it's important for us to continually check the standards of preparation. As our Yachtmaster exam pass rate is over 93%, using over 14 different examiners so far this year then, arguably, we are preparing the candidates well? Oh yes, and we are completely transparent with our training fees. There won't be any of those additional, unexpected costs like examiner travel expenses. It's all included in the Aigua Sea School training fees so you can be sure of what you are paying from the start. 

One thing I need to remind all new Yachtmaster candidates ...knuckle down, do your prep and work hard. Yachtmaster is not a zero to hero course. You don't achieve the Certificate of Competence as Master of Yachts just for showing up each day. You receive so much support from Aigua Sea School, from pre-course information to free-of-charge theory workshops; take advantage of everything we provide for you. We've been looking after Yachtmasters for 12 years ...we know what you need!

Aigua Sea School ... it's all about YOU.